Belej is a village located on the island of Cres in the center of a plateau whose western side gradually and gently descends towards the sea.Here the inhabitants have always been engaged in the tradition and breeding of sheep, and they have built houses in a special way related to the uniqueness and tradition of stone.Staying in private accommodation with the locals will bring you into direct contact with untouched nature where the air trembles and intoxicates you with the Arcadian scent of pasture, sage and rosemary.From the place, a road leads to the picturesque, secluded bay of Koromachno, whose white beach and surroundings will enchant you.

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For the lovers of blue skies and hot days the beach is the place to be, the cool air is soothing and calming as you walk along the beach . The designs of the settlements fascinated me as an architect. It was a wonderful place to learn new skills and concepts.
My husband brought me to this place to rekindle our love. We got private accommodation at a quite hotel at the countryside. It was clean and cozy and the attendants friendly. We watched the sunsets from our balcony overlooking the hills and the valley.
A nice place to visit for a change of view and a breathe of fresh air, the locals are friendly. The view of the bay is beautiful and ever so calming. We enjoyed delicious meals and local wine. We had a great experience.Worth the visit in every sort of way.
very good!!!