Osor is a small town and historic port on the island of Loshinj.The foundations of the city walls reveal an ancient history dating back to prehistory, and the name of the town, Osor, comes from the name of the ancient hero Apsirt, the brother of the unfortunate Medea, making this ancient town mythical.The ancient town square with beautiful buildings from the 15th and 16th centuries, the town hall with a covered loggia, the bishop's palace and the magnificent cathedral with a bell tower form the historic core of the city.The whole city of Osor is actually an open-air museum - here you can see from the remains of ancient walls, forts, the first early Christian basilica, to gardens and parksand ancient ancient villas, Renaissance portals and monasteries.In the summer, the town of Osor becomes a unique stage space rich in cultural events, among which the Osor Music Evenings stand out, which have been held during the summer months since 1976.The tourist offer provides guests with organized and arranged accommodation in the city, while outside the city, by the sea, there are two camps with beaches and restaurants.

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It was an awesome and delightful experience to learn the rich history of this small town. I learnt that the name Osor is derived from the name of the ancient hero Apsirt, which makes this town mythical. Osor is a lovely town with nice gardens that are good to have a photoshoot session.
I love beautiful space and Osor offered exactly that! the town is magnificent with love gardens full of blooming flowers and amazing trees. This city is perfect for picnics and evening walks.
Great history of the place and amazing sites that we were able to visit. We were perplexed by the whole town and by the beautiful ancient wall . The tour around the forts was remarkable and would love to do it again some other time.
This town is really historical. I loved walking along its streets. The buildings were really old. It had unique and simple structures. The view of the sea was very therapeutic. It is a really small but amazing town.
I loved this town with it's beautiful flowers. I took pictures of the beautiful gardens and flowers. It gave the town a smart look. The buildings were also something to admire. It was nice visiting here
Osor is a lovely town and I loved it. It has some nice gardens with beautiful trees and blooming flowers. I enjoyed taking walks here and having picnics. It's a nice town to take pictures.
very good!!!