St. Jacob


St. Jacob is a small fishing village located above the sea, in the northern part of the island of Loshinj. It is also the smallest settlement on the whole island.Old olive groves have been planted around the village for a long time, and the coast has sandy coves and beaches where it is pleasant to spend days.In the village you can see two churches:Church of St. Jakov and the Parish Church of St. Mary built in the 19th century, on the main altar paintings from the 19th century depict the Mother of God of the Rosary with St. Dominic, St. Catherine of Siena and St. Jacob.

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Located on the Island of Losinj, this small town quite popular because of its fish delicacies. I visitd some of its churches like the Sv. Jakov and Parish of St. Mary, I was really fascinated with their paintings and their altars. They were so magnificent.
Naming the village and not including the various beautiful churches that surround the place is totally off. We had a visit to some great churches around the village and loved the sight of the paintings and the different interesting sculptures that the churches hold.
very good!!!
The village had a great history and the landscape too was great. We toured the village and came across the olive plantation and we loved learning of the processing of the olive oil. We had a chance to take some with us after the tour from the stores.