The island of Unije is the largest of the islands surrounding Loshinj.The continuity of population, from prehistory to the present day, is confirmed by numerous archaeological finds discovered both on the mainland and in the seabed of the island.The north and east sides of the island are steep and rocky, overgrown with holm oak, while the south and west sides are flatter and form a bay where the only place on the island is located.It is an island of olive groves in whose canopy the breath of antiquity murmurs.The highest point of the island is Kalk (132 m).There is also a small airport on the island, 30 km from Pula and 8 km from Loshinj airport.Those who arrive on the island by boat are advised to access the western side of the island, Marachol Bay, where the sea is deepest.There are no cars on the island.There are several restaurants, a pastry shop, a bakery, a post office and a shop, and accommodation (rooms and apartments) is provided by locals in their traditionally built houses.

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The island has traditionally built accomodation places that are thrilling to stay at. I enjoyed the visit to the restaurant as we had some seafood for the serving and a wide range of menu to choose from which are freshly prepared. I loved the boat rides across the bay that was fascinating to me too.
This was the best place I visited with my family during my vacation. We enjoyed local specialties made from pig and lamb. The locals were friendly and our guide took us to various historical sites. We enjoyed our stay.
This place had a spectacular Mountain view. I loved the scenery and the cool air from the mountain. I. went mountain climbing with my guide who took me to the top with ease. The view of the town below was marvelous. I had lunch at a small tavern at the top then called it a day. I enjoyed my vacation.
The town center at this place was loaded with clean restaurants that served delicious food. There were pastries and a supermarket. The local market was my best as I was able to get fresh groceries and fruits of different kinds. It was amazing to be here.
We got accommodation at one of the best hotels at this place. My husband and I wanted some alone time together to celebrate our marriage anniversary. This place was the best and our 4 days' stay was the best. I loved this place.
There are very many religious spots to relax in. I loved visiting the lovely church to admire their domes and beautiful architecture. I had a good experience.
Its a very magical island. I understood why it is called paradise for stressed city people. Cars are not allowed in the island therefore it is very quiet and the perfect place for relaxing. I loved it.