Only a few kilometers away from Belej, there are Ustrine - a settlement of Roman origin, as evidenced by the remains of an ancient villa.A small village of shepherds and fishermen located on the edge of the cliff, which from a height of 180 m descends steeply to the sea and overlooks Kvarner. Here you will be delighted by the hospitality of simple and kind hosts, where you can find accommodation.Seafood and fresh fish are specialties of a small inn in the village, and if you are lucky and find yourself in Ustrine during the traditional folk festivals, you will have fun with the original island music.

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I was delighted to attend the traditional festivals and the seafood and fish prepared by the great chef were out of this world. The music played was very great a different genre to learn about as a music producer. I had a good time.
This place was a fishing island with great people. I was taught how to fish by the friendly fishermen. The fish fishes and sea foods were great. I enjoyed my stay.
Had a wonderful experience in Ustrine, the local people were friendly and the sea delicacies made my visit even more exquisite. A nice place to visit.
very good!!!