Martinshchica is a relatively young and very beautiful village on the most tame part of the Cres coast, with a spacious bay open to the southwest. The historical core is the church of Sv. Martin with a Franciscan monastery from the 16th century and the Castle of the Sforza family from the 17th century. Today, a beautifully landscaped village with lots of Mediterranean vegetation is oriented exclusively to family and camping tourism.

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My family and I came here for camping. We enjoyed five days of camping experiences and engage in various activities like swimming, fishing, and hiking. The landscapes were such a beautiful sight.
The spacious bay accommodated me and my 10 friends. We went to swim in the clear clean water of the bay . Later, we sunbathed at the bay as we enjoyed drinks and cool sea breeze .
We relaxed at the Mediterranean vegetation where we enjoyed scenic view of the beautifully landscaped village.At the Franciscan Monastery there were great exhibitions and a large collection of artefacts in here. It was a thrilling camping tourism experience here.
This town is the best for family vacation. I made a lot of memories in this town. Swimming in its turquoise blue waters was so refreshing. My kids enjoyed playing with the sand on the beach. Its bay is really beautiful. We enjoyed our stay here.
My friends and I really enjoyed sailing on its waters. The scenery was perfect. The sunset view was spectacular. This Is the perfect bay to chill and unwind. There are plenty of recreational facilities near the beach. We visited the historical Castle of Sforza during our stay and I was thrilled.
The spacious open bay in this location was a great addition to my vacation. I loved sunbathing at the beach during the day as the kids enjoyed the cool waters. In the evening I would watch as the boats docked and people resigned to their homes.
The church of Sv, Martin with a Franciscan monastery from the 16th century and the castle of Sforza from the 17th century carry significant historical and cultural heritage. I learned about the history on their construction and how they were utilized. I admired the architectural styles and was the experience.