St. John's beach (Sveti Ivan beach)


St. John’s beach may just be one of Cres’ best adventures. Sitting at the foot of a tall cliff that carries the village of Lubenice on its rocky back, this pebble beach is a slice of tranquil paradise on Earth. As it slopes into the sky blue sea at an easy angle you get the feeling it blends with the transparent water into one vast expanse. Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and pine trees it is a symphonic blend of sights and fragrances that soothe the soul.


Getting to it will make for a lovely adventure, especially for those of you who enjoy hiking. A marked hiking trail will lead you from Lubenice down the hill and straight to the beach, and depending on your hiking prowess this might take up to one hour (climbing back up might take a bit longer).


Being a wild beach, St. John’s has no amenities available, so pack everything you need with you. All your effort will be generously rewarded with a day of perfect relaxation and communion with nature’s elements.

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