St. Mark's Church


The parish church of St. Mark was built in 1851, in a secluded place surrounded by forest vegetation. It contains the famous Valun tablet - a Glagolitic bilingual monument from the 11th century. It is a cultural monument because a Glagolitic tablet was found during the construction, which tells us that there was a church there before, the church is currently a grave church for the local cemetery. The village in which it is located is a famous fishing village whose restaurants can enjoy gastronomic fish specialties.

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51557, Cres


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very good!!!
This church was built in the 19th century. I was blown away by the historical Valun tablet. The surrounding of this church was serene because of the dense forest. I had a memorable moment touring this place
Stunning views of the Church from the outside. I loved the architectural design of the building of the church and the exterior look is captivative. The statues at the outside are great and give a historical story.
We visited the cemetery at St. Mark's Church and the experience was awesome. I loved to tour and had the opportunity to know about the history of the church and the people that are the place.
Peaceful and quiet church with serene environment that we visited. I loved that place when we visited and it is a nice place for the christians to have prayers and good place to find a spiritual clarity. Totally awesome.
Got to witness the bilingual and diagraphic tablet present in the church, which speaks in the monumental significance the place holds
A visit to St Marks church was fascinating. I liked the church since it has the medieval coat of arms of the government of croatia.
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