Church and bell tower of St. Mary


Church of St. Mary is the largest church on the entire island of Cres, and it was designed and built on the model of the beautiful cathedral in Osor. The church was built at the end of the 15th century, and was rebuilt in the 17th century after a lightning strike, and again in the 18th century after a great fire. After these renovations, the church still managed to retain its original appearance. Church of St. Mary contains Gothic and Renaissance elements in her architecture that give her a special look and exterior. Also, next to the church there is a bell tower that has 5 floors, with a total height of 22 meters. On the fourth floor of the bell tower there are trifores on each side, and on the same floor there are massive bells.

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Ul. Ante Tentora 16, 51557, Cres


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