Pragajena Beach


Pebble beach which can be reached on foot from Dragozetichi. The path leading to the beach is relatively short, but the ascent to return is demanding. Don't let that discourage you because the beach is really spectacular.

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public beach



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51557, Cres


(4 reviews)
The beach was so quiet and relaxing, It is accessible on foot from a small village known as Dragozetichi, not so far. it was full of pebbles and clear waters, i enjoyed swimming here and sand bathing. The sound of the waves and breeze were also cooling.
Nothing good comes easy I believe, accessing the pebble beach is by foot and going is relatively an easy task but the return journey has a demanding ascent, although it is a short journey. This should not deter anyone from visiting this nice place, to enjoy the sea and just relax. It is not a crowded beach and nice for anyone looking for some semi-time alone, it has toilets to serve the visitors.
The pebbled beach access is an easy descent foot path.However, brace yourself for the rather demanding climb , although short . This place is still worth the trouble. You get to enjoy the sea ,I especially love the sunsets. It's not a densely visited beach and is therefore good for those seeking some alone time . Public facilities such as washrooms are available.
very good!!!
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