Mali Bok Beach


In the small town of Orlec, otherwise known for sheep farming, which is located not far from the town of Cres, there is a beautiful bay Mali Bok. In this bay there is a pebble beach with beautiful crystal clear sea and sheltered by high rocks that bring shade. The road to the beach leads along a steep path that is worthwhile because this beach is guaranteed to return the effort invested on arrival.

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51557, Orlec


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The pebble beach is sheltered by high rocks that provide shades to tourists or visitors swimming on the beach. the clear blue waters with warm breeze from the ocean makes his place ideal for tourists. I wouldn't say it is a crowded beach, because there were few people enjoying their vacation time there.
I loved swimming in the crystal clear sea and also playing the water games. During the evening i would walk along the beach on the pebbles and the breeze at this time is very calming and soothing. The atmosphere is just peaceful because not a lot of activities happen at this time.
The view of the rocks that provide shade to the beach is worth seeing. My hubby and i loved relaxing together after having mouthwatering and delicious food from the restaurant. We had a great time.
Always wanted to shear a sheep but never knew how. The town is known for sheep farming and i loved touring it. The rocks at the pebble beach were so tempting for a rock climbing activity but the steepy path was exercise enough.
A walk down to the beach was one of the fascinating things about the trip to the beach. I loved the pebble beach and the scenic views of the landscape and the sea. I enjoyed the shade from the natural tall rocks and how the beach was not crowded with lots of activities to engage.
very good!!!
I enjoyed taking a nap in the cool shade provided by the enormous rocks sorrounding the beach.
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