Mali Bok beach


In the small town of Orlec, otherwise known for sheep farming, which is located not far from the town of Cres, there is a beautiful bay Mali Bok. In this bay there is a pebble beach with beautiful crystal clear sea and sheltered by high rocks that bring shade. The road to the beach leads along a steep path that is worthwhile because this beach is guaranteed to return the effort invested on arrival.

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public beach



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51557, Orlec


(7 reviews)
very good!!!
The waters and view were the top things i loved about the place. The therapeutic nature it possess is also commendable.
Our walking tour to Mali bok was faboulous. It was nice getting to know more about olive oil. Excellent place with tasty beer.
Visiting Mali Bok beach was a masterclass experience. We rented a speedy boat and toured the caves and caverns in the shores of the sea.
We walked to the beach and it was worth the trip and the crystal clear sea and the little cliff at the beach gives an amazing view of the ;landscape and the wonderful things that the place holds.
Mali Bok Beach is the most beautiful beach we visited during our stay in South Korea. The weather was amazing, we enjoyed up-close tours of the beach, and ate a lot of food from the different vendors. Vacation mode at its best.
I enjoyed taking a nap in the cool shade provided by the enormous rocks sorrounding the beach.
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