St. Blaise Beach


Many consider the beach of St. Blaise one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Cres. The beach can be reached on foot from the village of Cres or by sea by boat.

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public beach



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51557, Cres


(4 reviews)
It was not so far from the nearest village and i took a walk to the beach, it was very quiet and calm and to my surprise no one was there, the sands were smooth and the waters were crystal clear, i relaxed under the tree shades just along the coast. It was awesome
The breathtaking sight of the sea and the beauty of the beach was phenomenal and food for the eyes. It is a less crowded beach and luckily has public amenities that serve all who visit adequately, it is a nice place to visit and relax on the beach.
Nothing like a good ol walk to the beach from Cres. The beautiful beach unveils itself as you gradually get to view the breathtaking view of the far stretching sea,It has public facilities that and the best part is,the place is not crowded. It's a great place to visit and chill on the beach
very good!!!
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