Lubenice are a small place on the island of Cres, located on top of a cliff 378 meters above sea level. In the Middle Ages, this place was one of the centers of the archipelago of great geostrategic importance. In the place there is a medieval fortress and the remains of a medieval city wall and city gate. In addition to the old square, there are numerous churches in Lubenice

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It has one of the prettiest beach that have ever seen in my life, the water is so clear that one can see all the way down.While at the top of the cliff, we saw the magnificent views of the Island and its surroundings. We also took a photo at the medieval fortress.
I had an amazing experience visiting the medieval fortress, city wall remains and city gate. i also got an opportunity to tour the several churches in Lubenice. if you love historical sights, this is a nice place to visit.
The small place has a lot of sites to visit and we had the chance to visit the fortress and the ruins of the medieval walls of the place. Adventurous activity at the place and we enjoyed every moment of the place.
I loved this town. Its medieval structures were amazing. It has quite a number of diverse activities one could take part in. You could go boat riding by the beach or visiting various monuments. It was a thrilling and adventurous experience.
The historical sites in this place were the best. We had a very knowledgeable guide who told us a lot about the town.
very good!!!