Zbisina is a small, abandoned place on the island of Cres.In the past called Sbisina or Sbissina, the village of Zbisina today is just a memory of life that took place here in some past times. From the whole village, the lake is clearly visible and the view of it evokes the legend that Vrana Lake was once a large field where they lived two sisters of Gavanka. A rich, evil sister lived in a lavish castle, and nearby, in a modest cottage, lived her poor sister. The rich sister was cruel to her sister and to the poor, and so she was struck by God's punishment, earthquake, and flood. Her castle was destroyed and submerged, the remains of which, according to the story, can still be seen deep at the bottom of the lake, and only occasionally, during a storm, can you hear the bells ringing from the depths of the water. houses on which the roofs have long since collapsed.Today, only the ruins of houses and the remains of furniture covered with branches and stones remain from Zbisina. Little is known about the history of the village. The oldest available data on the number of inhabitants date back to 1784, when three families lived in the village, more precisely 23 inhabitants.

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I visited the remains of the house in Zbishina where i got to learn about the great legend of the two sisters. I was fascinated to learn about the small number of inhabitants who lived here from the available data in the museums, they were very resourceful . A great place to visit.
I came to this place to specifically confirm the myth of the wrath of the cruel sister. I had a chance to view the castle at the bottom of the lake. It was real and scary. I enjoyed my stay here.
The view of the lake is beautiful, ad in the eerie story of the lake makes it both eerie and captivating. The ruins brings forth curiosity. In whole an interesting place to visit.
very good!!!