Orlec is the largest Cres settlement in the interior of the island, founded in the 16th century. There are not many inhabitants, and those who live here permanently are engaged in cattle breeding and lead a traditional lifestyle. The nearest settlements are Loznati (4 km north), Valun (5 km northwest) and Vrana (5 km south). The beaches in Orlec are very beautiful and they are the trump card that attracts tourists. Interestingly, griffon vultures have their nests near Orlec.

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The traditional way of life of the inhabitants was remarkable ;i was delighted to learn about their traditional cooking method and their customs. I was fascinated by the traditional ways in which they make different milk produce, i loved the skim milk more. I really learned a lot during my stay here.
I and my friends loved bird watching. This place had a great variety of birds. We watched and identified the different species of birds. Griffin vultures which had nests here were our best. We enjoyed ourselves here.
Seeing the griffon vulture added to the amazing experience of the beaches located in Orlec, being able to experience the traditional lifestyle of the local people makes the visit even more interesting. Overall a wonderful place to visit for a new experience.
very good!!!