Vrana lake


Vrana Lake on Cres is a natural karst phenomenon.The lake probably got its name from the village of Vrana, which has a spectacular view of the lake, but the locals call it only "Lake" - the lake. It is considered the deepest lake in Eastern Europe.The lake is a cryptodepression - its water level is above sea level, and the lake bottom is below sea level. The lake supplies the inhabitants of Cres and Loshinj Island with fresh water. He is protected and has limited access.You can enjoy only the beautiful view of the lake from afar, from the village of Vrana.

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very good!!!
I spent my time relaxing and watching around as I enjoyed their traditional meals. Vrana lake is a good place to visit.
I loved playing water balls when I visited the lake. It was one of the liveliest place I have ever been to
I swam in the waters and enjoyed burrying myself in the sand. I loved lake Vrana.
The great transport system to the lake makes it easy for anyone to access it from any direction. The lake is a source of the drinking water in the village, very clean and safe. I loved it here.
I rented an airbnb in the village and it was worth the money because of its nearness to the lake . The view of the lake from the village was stunning, i loved how the sun dazzled on the water surface. I had an excellent time.
As a Geography student i learned some great geographical features of the lake. We took a boat ride around the lake and the experience was unforgettable and also educative. I would love to tour this place again.