Valun, a typical fishing village sheltered by the Pernat Bay, and located along the Cres Bay, is widely known for the discovery of the famous Valun Plate. The plaque was found in the church of St. A stamp located in a village cemetery.This exceptional document, extremely important for the history and culture of Croats in the region, dates from IX. century, and today can be divided on the wall of the parish church of St. The boulder plate is known for its well-preserved bilingual inscription, one in Glagolitic and the other in Latin.Accommodation is easy to find, either in private apartments or in a small, well-kept camp, especially suitable for all those who like to spend their free time in close proximity to nature. But Valun is primarily a city known for its gastronomic specialties, especially shellfish and other seafood, prepared professionally and with great care, according to only traditional recipes.

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I went for a mass with the locals in the sunday morning at St. A church and it was a blessing. Having carried along my fishing equipments i engaged myself in fishing which was part of my hobby. An ideal place to keep in my records
The well kept rooms gave me a peaceful moment at night as I recalled a jovial time i had during the day. The staffs in those apartments were so friendly and i created a strong bond with them. What a fantastic vacation.
We wanted to enjoy a quiet vacation. This place had very nice private apartment that suited us. They were well furnished and clean. We sat indoors watching movies and enjoying each others company and in the evening, we enjoyed watching the beauty of the sunset while sipping sweet wine. It was an amazing vacation for us.
The sea foods at this place were delicious. I loved the shell fish the most. The restaurant here served fish dishes that were prepared in a traditional way making them even more delicious. I loved it
I loved shellfish and other types of fish. This place had great recipes of all types of sea foods. They were prepared traditionally in a special way. I enjoyed eating the goods from the restaurants at this place.
We came here to camp for three days. We enjoyed night dances around the campfire during the night and long walks coupled with cycling and hiking during the day. Our stay was enjoyable.
The Glagolitic inscriptions in its church were stunning. They were in Glagolitic. This town was so diverse. The restaurants in this town serve delicious shellfish.The view of this town was amazing