At the foot of the hill Osorshchica on the island of Loshinj, are located Nerezine - which was discovered in the last century as a tourist resort.

The place is dominated by a massive bell tower of the Franciscan church with a monastery, which can be called the symbol of Nerezine.

In the past, it was a place that gradually developed from a peasant and pastoral core into a fishing and maritime settlement with a shipyard known for its craftsmen and the making of wooden boats. The old shipyard is still working, and a new marina is being arranged, which will enrich the tourist offer of the place.

Two tourist resorts, two camps, two new small family hotels, as well as a large number of private rooms and suites offer comfortable accommodation, and restaurants excellent cuisine.

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This is a fun spot to visit. My buddies and I enjoyed the beaches which had excellent views of the sea. It was peaceful and we could spend the entire day there. Can't wait to be back.
We loved the weather in the town. It was not too cold or too hot hence the perfect weather for relaxing.We were able to dress lightly and enjoy the cool breeze. Its a lovely town.
This a quaint town. It has historic sites like the art galleries which were amazing. We loved the fact that we got to learn about the origin of the town and the ancient wars. It was a lovely trip.
My buddies and i had a terrific tiime in this town. We loved the windsurfing experience which was just mindblowing. The waves here are so magical to watch. I highly recommend it.
Its a vibrant town. We loved the local people who are very warm. They are very friendly and kind hearted. It was nice conversing with them over a beer. I had a wonderful time.
very good!!!