Cunski is a small village located 8 kilometers from Mali Loshinj.It was built on a hill that carried one of the many prehistoric forts on the island of Loshinj.In addition to cultivating fields for cereals and vegetables and vines, the nearby hills were planted with olive trees that yielded precious olive oil from year to year.Part of the rich heritage wants to be exhibited and shown to tourists in the renovated Torach. The only remaining old olive mill - the local torach, was built around 1897.

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We toured the vineyard and the farm with olive groves, we got a chance to taste and even sample some of the best wines produced here. We also bought olive oil for domestic back home. My mother loves the oil and is requesting me to visit this place again.
The vines provided us with shades during the hot afternoons. The atmosphere was friendly and the ambience pleasant to us that we enjoyed every moment we spent here. Thanks to the host that were friendly to us and who made our stay here comfortable.
Its geographical location is what amazed me most, From the top of the hill the view of the surroundings is panoramic.We bought cereals and vegetables to take back home. It was an educative experience to learn how olive is produced and processed.
This place was the best countryside I had visited. We walked on the farms while enjoying the fresh air. We went bird-watching in the forest and took turns identifying the various bird species. It was fun being here.
A distinctive plant that is present at the village is the olive oil trees that were planted on the hills that surround the place. We visited the mills and enjoyed getting to learn of the process of olive oil production. Great history that the place holds with other amazing things that are present at the place.
We toured the local torach which is the only olive mill, we got to taste a variety of olive oils which were tasty and aromatic. We also bought some cereals and vegetables and vines from this place to take back home. Loshinj was built on a hill with lots of prehistoric forts.
This town is so small. The architectural designs were so amazing. I enjoyed visiting their olive mills. It was an educative experience. The olive farms were so beautiful. It was a relaxing experience