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In the north of Croatia, in the area called the Kvarner Bay, there is the green island of Loshinj. On the east side of the island is the village of Veli Losinj, which was once larger than Mali Loshinj, and the name suggests, because Veli in Croatian means big. Today it is a small village with about 1500 inhabitants. If you climb a hill above the town and look the other way, you will see only the islet of Susak and, as far as the view goes, the blue sea.Interesting tourist attractions are the church of St. Antun Pustinjak with a bell tower from 1774 and the most valuable sacral collection of the Kvarner islands, the Roman church of St. Nicholas and the 16th century watchtower.Veli Losinj is also known for a climate favorable to your health, where allergies, skin problems and lung diseases can be cured or cured.During a walk through the narrow streets of Loshinj, you will be enchanted by the Mediterranean flora, magnolias and palm trees.

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very good!!!
A big thumbs up to Veli Losinj guides for all the fantastic adventures. I especially enjoyed going on the boat tours and watching dolphins and sea turtles. Such an awesome town to vacation in.
Veli Losinj has a beautiful cultural history that is observable in the magnificent towers in the town. I had a great time checking the appealing architecture that left an awe impression on me. I can't wait to visit again.
Veli Losinj has spectacular beaches with pristine sparkling waters. My buddies and I had a great time at the beaches and later cooled down at the nice restaurants nearby. We recommend this town to all fun lovers.
We came to Losinj for a family trip and we fell in love with it. My kids never got enough of the boat trips as they got to see the adorable dolphins and huge whales. They are very eager to come again.
My family spent a memorable time in this town. We stayed in the classy hotels that had very cozy and wonderful breezes. The staff was very kind and helpful. We look forward to another visit.
my friends and I were captivated by this town from the moment we set foot here. We had so much fun scuba diving and snorkeling enjoying the magical sea underworld. What a city!