Silba island


Silba is a beautiful wooded island in Northern Dalmatia, located 10 km southeast of the island of Loshinj between the islands of Premuda and Olib. Since it is the northernmost of the Dalmatian islands, along with Olib and Premuda, Silba is often described as the "Gate of Dalmatia". The island of Silba mainly survives on fishing and tourism, mostly nautical tourism, and is deservedly popular during the summer season for its safe harbor and beautiful beaches.However, it is still considered an unknown destination for many boaters.The only settlement on the island is the small village of the same name. According to the last census from 2011, the island has only 292 permanent residents.
All motorized traffic is prohibited from the island, except for a few agricultural vehicles, so the whole island is a pedestrian zone.
Silba is well connected by ferries from Zadar, Mali Loshinj, Pula and Venice, as well as with other islands in the Zadar archipelago.

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Silba island
5.0 (1 review)
Silba island
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very good!!!
There are some amazing towers where you can climb and enjoy the scenic views of this island. My girlfriend and I were captivated by the lush landscapes and vast seascape. We look forward to coming back.
This island has a picturesque feel to it. I loved its beaches which were rugged and perfect to take dips in the warm waters of the Adriatic sea. The beaches are shallow, clear, and have a sandy seafloor. My kids enjoyed it immensely.
Silba Island is the perfect place to go kayaking with friends. I really enjoyed the company of other water sports lovers as we went around the island admiring its beauty. I recommend it for all adventure lovers.
My girlfriend and I had a terrific time on this island. We went hiking in the cute nature trails in the forests. The diverse flora and fauna make this island breathtaking. I found it very tranquil and relaxing.
We took our kids to this island and the boat trips are still etched on their minds. They had a chance to whale watching and play with the dolphins something that really warmed their hearts. I hope to bring them again.
I brought my kids for a vacation and we had a pleasant time. They enjoyed swimming, visiting the coves, playing tennis and basketball. For me, I just spent my days relaxing at the quiet beaches. It was a memorable trip.