Island of Ist


The island of Ist is located 21 nautical miles northwest of Zadar. It has about 200 permanent residents. The only settlement on the island is Ist, and there are a couple of shops, cafes and restaurants. It was first mentioned in 1311 as Ost. The island has a very unusual shape reminiscent of a butterfly. It is surrounded by numerous islets and cliffs. Cars are not allowed on the island. It is connected by ferry with Zadar. The island is popular among boaters, divers and anglers.

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The cliffs and islets that surrounds the island and give the best sight. We went for a boat ride and the experience was superb. We loved how the landscape was and the amazing fleet of other boaters were together with us.
This place had the most beautiful pebble beaches. I loved swimming in the clear waters and surfing. I crossed over to the other side in a ferry. It was wonderful.
very good!!!
I found numerous cafes and restaurants at this place that served delicious local dishes. We enjoyed the food and the sweet local wine. The attendants were quick and friendly.
The beautiful butterfly shape view of this place was breathtaking. I loved the natural fresh air and the lush green vegetation here. I took long walks along the clean streets to the local market to get fresh vegetables and fruits. My stay here was cool.
I was a lover of water activities. I came to this place where I participated in swimming and diving. I also enjoyed most riding and surfing. The cool weather here was refreshing. I later enjoyed the beautiful sunset while seated at my hotel balcony. My vacation was good.
The Island of Ist is superb. We watched Dolphins in the sea. The moves, the turnings were out of this world. So amazing.