Island of Olib


The island of Olib is located in the Zadar archipelago, east of the island of Silba. Today it has about 150 inhabitants. The only larger settlement is the eponymous Olib. It is mentioned by the historian of ancient Greece Strabo at the beginning of the new era called Aloip, but it has probably been inhabited since the Iron Age. Croats have inhabited the island since the middle of the 7th century. It was later under Venetian and Italian rule. The island is connected by ferry or catamaran lines with Zadar, Mali Loshinj and the surrounding islands. Driving a car on the island is not allowed, it is only possible to park the vehicle.

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Morning walks and evening walks on the beach was the best thing that happened to me on my trip to the island. I enjoyed the cool weather and the refreshing environment that was rejuvenating. I loved my time at the island and would love to visit once again.
The sea was dazzling and the first thing at the island was going swimming with my friends that we visited with on the trip. The waters were cool and it was fun having a great time at the sea. We had lots of other fun activities that we enjoyed throughout the entire time at the island.
The beach was a must visit when we toured the island and the experience was unmatched. Great atmosphere with scenic views of the landscape and a picturesque place. I enjoyed sand bathing ar the beach and had some of the activities that were entertaining to us all.
very good!!!
Island of Olib is a treasured place. The place has few buildings that have been constructed. I liked how this place has been preserved with a lot of space.
Island of Olib has numerous beaches.We did various activites like swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing with my friends. It was a great encounter.
I was glad to take snaps circumnavigating the island. The photos are well kept in my gallaery . I will not forget this place