Simuni is a small fishing and tourist place located on the southwest side of the island of Pag, halfway between 11 km distant Novalja and 12 km distant town of Pag, and right at the foot of the highest peak of the island (St. Vid, 348 m above sea level).Simuni stretches through 3 natural bays: in the northern bay is ACI Marina Simuni, which is open all year round and is one of the safest in the entire Adriatic. The central bay is intended for fishing boats, but it also serves as a place to sell freshly caught fish, while in the southern bay there is a pebble beach.

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very good!!!
My dad took me out for fishing at the river during our stay here. It was a great time to strengthen the father- son bond and i learned various things about fishing. Made great memories here.
Taking morning walks along the pebbled beach was a source of peace for me.I loved how the sun rays dazzled on the water surface forming a great colour. I took some pictures of the scene.
We visited the central bay and was thrilled by the large number of fishing boats. We bought fish which was later prepared and served by the friendly and hospitable locals. It was very tasty.
Alongside the thoughtful amenities and general comfort, the staff at the accommodation units were kind and ready to attend to our needs at any given time. I loved the fact that i could bring my children and small pets to the accommodation units. Very lovely.
We arrived at the bay using boats and i loved the experience in sea. The clear blue sea made it easy to sea almost everything underneath the water and was also ideal for swimming. I loved the experience.
The epitome of happiness is held at the bay with amazing pebble beaches that we had the chance to visit. The views of the bay was dazzling and we went for fishing activity at the sea and it was the best experience that we ever had. we had a good catch for the day too.