Metajna is located in the northeastern part of the island of Pag in the bay of the same name and 12 km away from Novalja.

What you will remember about Metajna are the beaches that are difficult to compete with in beauty: these are the beaches of Ruchica and Beritnica.

Those who will not find it difficult to walk another 15 minutes through the picturesque canyon, will be rewarded with enjoyment on another beautiful beach - Beritnica. On Beritnica, nature has arranged three large stone rocks in the shallow sea - this natural installation is an unforgettable sight.

Right above the beach there is the famous climbing area Therefore - one of the most spectacular stone towers on the Adriatic coast.

Gastronomers will especially enjoy Metajna - Pag cheese and lamb, grapes and figs, freshly caught fish and shellfish, prosecco and komovica.

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