Vidalici is a small apartment village separated from the noise and crowds, about 4 km from Novalja and located on the sea, so there will be no shortage of good places for swimming and sunbathing.Vidalici are located near the most famous Croatian beach Zrche, but also near another Pag phenomenon - the mysterious Pag triangle - the name for an unusual imprint in the rock that was discovered in May 1999 on a hillAnd on the other side of the bay there is something worth visiting, and these are the beautiful beaches Katarelac, Prnjica, Chista, Sv. Duh and Filino, which you can reach if you rent a boat from the kind hosts.

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very good!!!
This is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet and peaceful vacation or holiday. It is far from all the busy crowds. Its beaches are so wonderful and marvelous. I enjoyed my stay here.
The beaches were the exciting things that led me to the village for my vacation and it was just as i had pictured it completely. I had a lot of fun as i went swimming and the temperatures were superb with lovely weather that complimented the beautiful place.
The beautiful village had nice accomodations and the sea was one of the great things that looked awesome. We rented a boat and went for a cruise and the experience was unique. Nice people with lots of fun and good time at the trip that was unforgettable.