On the south side of the island of Pag, about 10 km from the famous beach Zrce is located the tourist place Mandre.Mandre has many beautiful beaches and bays where you will enjoy spending your summer days.Playgrounds arranged in the tourist resort Mandrice provide sports activities, and the youngest Mandrice will delight with a small beach full of content for children.The pleasure of discovering the beauties of untouched nature will be provided by daily organized trips to the islands (Silba, Olib) and to the National Parks (Kornati, Plitvice Lakes), and you can explore the surroundings yourself because there is a possibility to rent a small boat.Restaurants and cafes along the coast, constantly organized themed events such as fishing festivals as well as the hospitality of the hosts will contribute to your family's vacation in Mandre to be peaceful and romantic.

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very good!!!
My friends and i really enjoyed ourselves in this place. Lots of lovely beaches to swim in and bask. I recommend it to all.
Its a fun town to be in. I especially loved the many concerts held here in its vibrant clubs. I really had a blast.
We had a nice time in this town. Lots of adventures like the kayaking experience. It was so much fun.
Mandre is the perfect destination getaway. The restaurants offered amazing food sourced locally and even the wine Is local and is very low priced. I really enjoyed myself.
Mandre had various bars and clubs that offered a vibrant nightlife. We enjoyed exploring the city at night. My friends are already looking forward to another trip.