Bosana is a small village located a few kilometers north of the town of Pag, on the old road that in the past was the only one connecting Novalja and the town of Pag.It stretches on steep cliffs above the sea which offers a unique and beautiful view of the Bay of Pag.Picturesque pebble and sandy beaches are surrounded by rocks, and above the place is the highest peak of the island - Sv. A sight that hiking enthusiasts can reach on a steep and demanding trail.There are no catering facilities in the place itself, but the town of Pag, which is in the immediate vicinity, will fulfill any need for shopping or entertainment.

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Scenic views of the village and we enjoyed our summer vacation with my family at the sandy beaches. Warm temperatures at the beach as we enjoyed swimming and sunbathing at the sea. Unforgettable moments with the children and they can't stop talking about the place.
Exciting place as we visited some of the restaurants and enjoyed the delicious meals that were served. Friendly and professional waiters that offered exquisite services. Wonderful dishes and a wide range of freshly prepared meals that were great.
very good!!!
Located on the North of Pag, this town has steep cliffs that give a good glimpse on the bay of Pag. The view was so breathtaking. Hiking to the peak was such an amazing and pleasant experience. he trail was well positioned. One could enjoy the view of nature while hiking