Kolan is known as the cradle of the famous Pag cheese. And in order to protect the quality and integrity of its products, the Association of Pag Cheese Producers was founded in 2005. On 12 April 2018, Pag cheese was awarded the title of protected designation of origin (a scheme for the whole European Union that protects products unique to certain geographical areas and which adhere to strict production techniques of a certain area and culture) in the Republic of Croatia. Another feature of the islands of Pag and Kolana are the dry stone walls. This artistic and functional style of construction was inscribed on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage on November 28, 2018. According to some estimates, more than 60,000 kilometers of dry stone walls were built along the Croatian Adriatic coast and islands. This is an imposing network built, above all, by our people as markers of boundaries and demarcations of land. The sea, salt, sun and wind have given a special taste to everything built and produced in Kolan since time immemorial. On the island of Pag there are four cheese factories and a number of small family farms, plus other small producers who work from home.

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very good!!!
I enjoyed sunbathing in the beaches of Kolan. The beach is well kept and preserved. A beautiful beach.
Chilling out with the charming bar near the beach. I was served the best coffee. It was fabulous.
We used the speedy boat to circumnavigate around the sea. Our spirits was elevated to an ultimate high.