Kolansko Blato Ornithological Reserve


The island of Pag offers a very lovely landscape for all those who like to spend their time in nature: olive groves, grassy meadows, rocky trails and pebbled beaches. In all of that, a different kind of a landscape stands out - a genuine wetland area, full of life unravelling in the background of Pag’s vivacious tourist offer.

Kolansko Blato (translated literally as Kolan Mud) is a Mediterranean swamp, a rare find in Croatia these days since most of such areas have been dried out. Created by nature 13.000 years ago, enclosed in the safety of the surrounding rocks and meadows, these still and barely changeable waters are a safe haven to a diversity of flora and fauna. 163 avian species use the thick lush marshes as feeding grounds, a place to rest during their travels or somewhere safe to stay for the Winter. 66 of these have made Kolansko Blato their permanent home. This is the main reason why this area has been an ornithological reserve since 1988. If you’re an avid ornithologist, or just casually like to watch birds, their birdsong and their flight, you will find plenty of wildlife to appreciate. Various types of herons and the glossy ibis roam the flooded meadows in search of food; the great reed warbler, bohemian waxwing, little bittern and the little grebe nest in the lush reeds of the swamp.

This area is particularly important to charadrius alexandrinus, an endangered bird that visits the marshes on regular basis. Aside from birds this reserve is home to various types of fish and turtles, the dalmatian ringlet and the European ratsnake to name but a few. Kolansko Blato is situated 8 km south of Novalja, in Kolanski Gajac.

There is a walking trail you can follow, suitable for cycling. While a visit to the reserve makes for a great quiet day out in the Summer, you won’t go wrong if you stop by in Spring or Autumn, since the mild weather will make your visit particularly lovely.

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