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The Noa Beach Club, situated on Zrche Beach, is really so much more than an ordinary club. It's found its way onto DJ Mag’s 100 Best Nightclubs List, it serves great drinks and hosts awesome parties, and it does that all year round, with over 300.000 people visiting each year.
You can be sure that at almost any time of the year there will be a music festival there, visited by famous DJs to give you a mind-blowing party experience (from hard core to transcendental, whatever you’re in for) with VIP arrangements available.

But that’s just the start of it. Among other things there’s an actual Yacht Club where you can tie your boat (if you have one) and go on to loosen yourself up.
If you don’t have a boat but you’d like to sail on one, Noa Club has a Party Boat of its own that will take you on a 4 hour tour around nearby cliffs where you ou can choose whether you want to party or admire the scenery.
Water and adrenaline sports are covered, too. You can rent out anything and everything from a jet-ski to a banana boat, try out water skiing, water boarding and water skating, and to top it all, experience a good and proper adrenaline rush on a 250 m long zipline.
As if this weren’t enough, Noa Beach Club offers Glamping in a nice selection of comfy and luxurious villas.

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The only thing that stands out on our trip to the beach was the night life and the experience at the parties and the festivals at the beach. Thrilling experience with water sports and jet skis that were entertaining. The villas too were comfortable and lovely.
This was a purely luxury at the beach experience! My friends and I had the most amazing time in this famous beach club. there was lots of entertainment and appearances by famous DJs. There was a yatch club and we hopped on the party boat that gave us a tour of the amazing cliffs here. There was a lot of rent options because of the numerous water activities. There are also luxurious and very classy villas. This was the best vacation ever!
Touring around the cliffs was so admirable by boat ride. Water skating on the other hand created a memorable holiday in my mind. I will forever remember this place. There is also a nice selection of villas and hotels just along the beach
Being a DJ I chose this place so that I could get more experience from other DJs. it was fun being around as I got entertained by the locals who had a traditional music festival. I was served tasty and refreshing drinks as I enjoyed the entertainment
We rented a Party boat and our friends joined us in celebrating our anniversary in the sea. I live to always remember this day and with four hours to enjoy the scenery we came back and enjoyed the party by one of he famous DJs. Next time we are glamping a the luxurious villas.
very good!!!
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