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Lokunje Beach is located in the famous tourist resort Novalja on the island of Pag. The beach is circular in shape, covered with a combination of fine brown pebbles and sand. The entrance to the sea is gentle, and the seabed is covered with small stones. The beach is located in the center of Novalja, so top restaurants, beach and coffee bars and other facilities such as shops are at your fingertips. On the beach it is possible to rent straw umbrellas and deck chairs, and there is also some natural shade. Lokunje Beach is popular for both locals and tourists, and is one of the favorite gathering places of young people.


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Since it is a bit tedious for a guy to carry things to the beach my friends and i opted to rent straw umbrellas and deck chairs. The entrance to the sea is gentle, and the seabed is covered with small stones. The town offers natural features of the area and diversity which makes it worth it to visit.
This beach is covered in fine brown pebbles and sand. There are facilities like shops, restaurants and coffee bars are available. You can rent umbrellas and deck chairs. It is not very crowded but a good number come to relax here.
I loved the circular shape appearance of the beach whose water dazzle when the sun rays shine on the water. The entrance to the sea is gentle with the seabed having small stones making it convenient for my kids to swim. They enjoyed every moment here.
I was lucky to interact with a good number of youths from different walks of life who had gathered in this space. I learnt a lot from them including teaching myself their language, the locals too were cordial and charming. We bought beach accessories at the nearby shops at affordable prices.
Me and my friends visited the pebble and sandy beach and had the best time of our lives. Lots of stuff to do and we enjoyed the food from the different cafe spots and restaurants. A natural shadow among the other rented umbrella and deck chairs were relaxing and we loved the place.
very good!!!
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