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MIH Cheese Factory


MIH Cheese Factory is a family cheese factory on the island of Pag. It is owned by the Pernjak family, which has been involved in sheep breeding and cheese production for generations. The family tradition dates back to 1890. Back then the name Pernjak was synonymous with quality, and it remains the same today. The modern cheese factory was built in 2006. Sheep, cow and mixed cheeses are on offer. Cheese tasting and purchase are possible.

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Stanić 29, 23251 Kolan


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very good!!!
The factory located on the Island is a good place to hide from the buste of the city as it provides cool atmospheres, the weather too was favourable to us. It was also a wonderful experience meeting one on one with the owner of the farm who was very friebndly to us. Must visit soon.
This cheese factory is huge. It has been existence for a very long time. I was able to purchase good quality cheese.
My kids loved touring this cheese factory. It was like a dream come true. They really enjoyed cheese tasting
We learnt of the rich history of the factory which is owned by the Pernjak family. It was an awesome experience tasting the cheese produced from sheep and cows. We also bought the cheese mixtures of both cows and sheep as souvenoir back home.
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