The settlement of Sestrunj is located on the island of the same name, which belongs to the Zadar archipelago. There are not many permanent residents here, there are only 48, and there are as many as three ports: Hrvatinj, Kablin and Triluke. In prehistory it was inhabited by Illyrians. Valuable archeological finds from 150 BC have been found in the stone burial mounds. The main sights are the church of St. Peter and Paul from the 16th century and the church of Our Lady of Health from 1602. Most of the houses, the old town, are on a hill two kilometers from the sea from where there is a superb view of almost the entire Zadar archipelago.Sestrunj, the only island settlement, which has developed in the interior and does not have some significant beaches, but here is a suitable ground for boaters and diving enthusiasts. The island is connected to Zadar by boat lines.

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From the hills the view of Zadar is superb and panoramic showing the beauty that this place holds. It was my first diving into the waters and it was an awesome experience to reach and even touch the underground living things. Boat riding was also nice.
I came to this place for spiritual nourishment. I visited the various churches where I enjoyed listening to the choir sing. I later went swimming and boating. I felt renewed when I went back home.
First of all the journey to the place was just wonderful, arriving and having to look at the beautiful view of the archipelago was breathtaking. The beautiful scenery was a start, what I enjoyed the most was the diving experience. The old structures located in the area are great for anyone interested in History. I would recommend a visit to this place for any diving enthusiasts.
very good!!!