Not far from Ugljan on the island of the same name is the hamlet of Batalaza. Batalaza bay is made of two main beaches in the hamlet, it is ideal for lazing and relaxing by the sea. Diving is also popular in this place because at the bottom of the sea you can find a wheel a mill that used to be located in that bay.Batalaza was popular in earlier times which tells us the discovery of the remains of a villa, built about the time of the Roman Empire.It was made as a summer house for rest, socializing, relaxing at sea.You can reach this place from Zadar by ferry to the island of Ugljan, make a day trip or stay to enjoy the diversity of the whole island.

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very good!!!
This place is ideal for spending time by the sea. It's breeze and weather was so cool and relaxing. The accommodation facility - villas were so comfortable and modern with good facilities
The camping space at this island was ideal for so many activities including jogging, swimming and racing. Also there are countless villas just by the shoreline you cant miss any accommodative space, it was awesome
The sea has amazing views, i enjoyed this from both the boat ride and the apartment i rented out, the island has everything you need, also a market to get groceries from and restaurants, the visit was worth it