Between Preko and Sutomishchica on the island of Ugljan, in a bay bordered by the peninsula of Sv. Petar, with the church of the same name from the 13th century, is a small picturesque place Poljana. Poljana is characterized by more than three hundred wells and sources of drinking water, beautifully landscaped gardens and olive groves, also with top quality olive oil, which in addition to pebble beaches and clear sea gives this place a special spirit.
Poljana has its own port, which stretches for 4 km by land and 19 km by water, it has enough space for berths. You can reach this place from Zadar by ferry to the island of Ugljan.

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very good!!!
My boys and I had a trip to remember in Poljana. We went on boat excursions and enjoyed the astonishing views of the vast blue clear waters of the sea. It was a fantastic trip.
There are lots of unique places to visit in Poljana. I always bring my kids here. They are huge fans of the museums especially the optical illusions ones with puzzles and games. There are many other intriguing collections. This is a fascinating town.
I still remember my vacation in this town. I enjoyed cycling in its beautiful streets admiring the lushly landscaped gardens and picturesque olive groves. The beauty in this town had a profound effect on me.
I always vacation in this town with my family. There are very elegant hotels where we usually stay. The rooms are classy, the staff is friendly and the meals are expertly prepared. I recommend this town to all.
There are a lot of fun activities to do here. We enjoyed the adventures of the day but what we fell in love with was the nightlife. My pals and I had a good time in the trendy clubs enjoying the tasty cocktails and classy ambiance. It was worth it.
This is a spectacular town to visit. I always come here every year to relax and enjoy some alone time. I especially love visiting the lovely monasteries and churches to enjoy some quietness and solitude. I always end my trip feeling very rejuvenated.