Between Preko and Sutomishchica on the island of Ugljan, in a bay bordered by the peninsula of Sv. Petar, with the church of the same name from the 13th century, is a small picturesque place Poljana. Poljana is characterized by more than three hundred wells and sources of drinking water, beautifully landscaped gardens and olive groves, also with top quality olive oil, which in addition to pebble beaches and clear sea gives this place a special spirit.Poljana has its own port, which stretches for 4 km by land and 19 km by water, it has enough space for berths. You can reach this place from Zadar by ferry to the island of Ugljan.

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very good!!!
This town on the Island of Ugljan is full of numerous outdoor activities. I enjoyed spending time here together with my friends. We made a lot of memories. We had an amazing sea adventure. It waters were so clear.
Poljana is a marvelous town. My family and I enjoyed walking on its streets and gazing at the buildings. The hotels were so lovely and amazing. They were modern with a touch of their authentic style. We went kayaking on its waters and it was so memorable.
The quality of olive oil produced by the olive growers in this town was so mesmerizing. I tasted a few of the olive oils and they were so spectacular. This town also has wonderful pebble beaches to take a stroll on.
I enjoyed my ferry from Zadar to this town. It was such a marvelous experience. Its pebble beaches were so amazing. I enjoyed walking on the pebbles. The breeze from the sea was amazing. I bought some quality olive oil from the olive farms.
This place was the most beautiful place I had visited during the summer. I cooled off my body by swimming in the cool sea waters. The pine tree shades at the beach made me relax and enjoy my vacation.
I enjoyed a ferry ride to the neighboring island with my friends. We had a great time swimming and hiking throughOut the day. We came back tired and beat. We enjoyed our time at this place.