Across is the administrative center of the island of Ugljan and the place where Jadrolinija boats dock. The municipal center of Preko, with a little more than a thousand inhabitants, got its name from the fact that it is located across from Zadar. It is assumed that the place was inhabited in Roman times, as evidenced by the findings of various ancient buildings. It was first mentioned in the 15th century. Visitors will certainly want to visit the sights that this place has, and these are the church of Our Lady of the Rosary from the 19th century, the church of St. John the Baptist 12-13. century, then on the small island of Galovac Franciscan monastery of St. Paul from the 15th century with a church built in the 16th century. Above the place rise the remains of a fortress from the Middle Ages, the fortress of St. Mihovila was built in the 13th century. The hiking trail leads to this church (265 m) which offers a stunning view of the island and the Zadar archipelago. Preko is recognized in the world, among other things, as a nautical destination, because of its Marina, which is located in the center, and there are many restaurants, shops, markets and everything you need for a pleasant holiday. My favorite location for swimming is definitely Jaz beach, which has a Blue Flag, which is a sign of clear sea.

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very good!!!
My friends and I were much glad visiting Preko. We enjoyed scuba, snorkeling and biking activities. The experience was fabulous.
My adventure to Preko was good. I went to religious sites, they offered outstanding experience worth remembering.
My brother liked traveling spoons classes. The classes offered cooking lessons for local food. So classic
We visited the most interesting monastery in Preko. The place was more than beautiful. Classsic and fantastic.
I got a chance to visit the best historic site in Preko. I saw numerous features tht hold the fundamental aspects of this place.
Traveling to the nearby Islands in Preko was classic and interesting. I njoyed swimming and sunbathing along the beaches. I will come back to this place.