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The island of Iz is located between Dugi Otok and Ugljan. It is surrounded by a dozen small islands and cliffs. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It is mentioned in the 10th century under the name of Ez. Throughout the Middle Ages and later it was the property of Zadar nobles. The island is famous for olive growing and pottery. There are two larger settlements on the island - Veli Iz and Mali Iz. The island is surrounded by a dozen small islands and cliffs, so it is very popular among boaters. Indeed, it is best to explore it by boat. But there are also numerous hiking and biking trails, for those looking for an active holiday.

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Island of Iz
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Our adventure to Island of Iz was fabulous. We enjoyed waterfall boat tour that was amazing. The experience is for a lifetime.
I really liked sailing in the archipelago. It was amazing and fantastic. I will tour again the place.
My sister and I enjoyed sunbathing along the beach. The beach has clean sand with numerous resting points that have been erected.
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The Island of Iz has a rich culture of pottery making. We were amazed with potters and crafters who were making local home products. I purchased one of the products.