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Little Izh is a small place on the northeast side of the island of Izh. It is a small island place and since the pier where catamarans depart is located in the center, most of the city's facilities are nearby, although there are not many: restaurants, cafes, shops, that is why this destination gave its soul for a peaceful vacation away from the tourist bustle. Examples of old Croatian architectural skills can be seen everywhere which testify that this island was inhabited since ancient times.The island is generally known for specially painted and made ceramics.As the island is among a dozen smaller islets and cliffs, boaters and diving enthusiasts will have enough locations to explore, and from Izh many head to the Kornati National Park.The daily boat connection with Zadar makes this place easily accessible

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very good!!!
This place offered us with a peaceful vacation away from the bustle of the town. We stopped at the restaurants for our meals and i especially loved the fresh sea food offered here. The waiters and waitresses here were at our service and their services were fast.
I especially loved the specially painted and made ceramics that are show of the rich architectural skills of the craftsmen here. We also took photos at the paintings for memory keeps. Can't wait to come back to this wonderful place.
This island offered us with enough locations to explore through boat rides. Diving into the waters was the most exciting experience, it was delighting to catch underground living things as we dived through. A must visit for divers and boaters.
The view of this place from afar was amazing. I enjoyed the lush greenery and fresh country air. The climate was cool compared to the city got the air. I enjoyed my lone vacation at this place.
An amazing place to stop over for a have some amazing meals that can be offered. We went to a restaurant and it was the best thing that we did. We enjoyed some delicious meals and served with great drinks including wine. Unforgettable moments to cherish.
We went for boat riding during our stay here and we explored enough locations around. The painted and made ceramics and old Croatian architectural skills everywhere depict that the Island was inhabited since ancient times.This destination is an oasis of a peaceful vacation away from the tourist bustle.