Sali is the administrative center and the largest town on Dugi otok in terms of population. Sports, nautical and excursion tourism has been developed.

The tradition of fishing here is mentioned in preserved documents from the 10th century, and this tradition is also represented in the local Mediterranean cuisine. In the summer months, festivities are often held where all visitors can try the best of local dishes.

Of the cultural heritage, one should definitely visit the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a wooden altar from the 17th century and Glagolitic inscriptions.

In the vicinity of the town, there is an olive grove Saljsko polje. Some of the olive trees are up to 700 years old, and it is assumed that olives were planted here already by the ancient Greeks. Due to its uniqueness, the area has been declared a botanical reserve.

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We toured the neighbouring islands around in taxi boats. We were granted access to the vintage lighthouse and it was so stunning to experience how it works.
I tried fishing with an expedition of experienced freelancing fisherman and they made me feel like one of them. I felt comfortable as the locals were so friendly and considerate.
Fun is all that describes my last trip there. With various games from basketball and volleyball to cycling, my day there was sure to end well, and was worthy!
Tired of city buzz, I wanted to get that countryside serenity and peace and found that in Sali. Gave me an experience of a pensioner enjoying life. I liked it.
Sincerely, we loved everything about Sali especially the food! I swear I have never had the best of seafood, Mediterranean cuisine and European cooking elsewhere. Croatian delicacy here was yummy!
I had fun and good times, sharing great views of the blue water below from the stiff cliffs. Pictures we took from the cliffs are priceless.
Last summer in Sali was my all-time best. Festivals with choirs, native cuisine and culture-themed activities made my vacation more of a dream than reality.