Island of Brusnjak


The Island of Brusnjak is a small, uninhabited islet in the Kornati archipelago. There are two private houses on the island.

№547 in Islands of Croatia

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very good!!!
This Island is uninhabited. If you are looking for an adventurous experience and discovering new things, this is the place to be. I loved spending some private time with my friends when I visited this Island. Its coastline was so beautiful.
Quiet, peaceful and authentic island that is great and gets you off the stressful things that has happened. Nice place to visit and we had a great swim with my friends and had lots of fun at the dazzling sea. Wonderful time and experience that was unforgettable for our trip down to the place.
A day trip to the island was among the best thing that happened to us. We went for sailing at the turquoise sea and enjoyed the views with the cool breeze that was relaxing. Great time and fun experience with my friends through the entire tour.