Island of Zut


The island of Zut is the second largest island of the Kornati archipelago, located between Pasman and the island of Kornat. According to the latest census, only a few people live on the island. There are numerous bays on the island, ideal for boaters. In the bay of Luka Zut there is a modern marina and several top restaurants where you can enjoy local specialties.

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The island has several bays and we enjoyed the sight of most of them on our boat cruise across the bays. We had fun at the boat ride and the guide was helpful and entertaining. Remarkable moments as the views were amazing and the breeze was superb.
We had a sneak to one of the famous restaurants at the island and we did not regret the idea of visiting the place. Great staff with top notch services. They were welcoming and friendly to us and the place had delicious meals with great diverse menu with awesome drinks and desserts.
Dazzling views of the landscape all together with a taste of the underwater life. We went for snorkeling and loved the creatures at the sea. Unforgettable experience at the sea and would love to visit again.
very good!!!
It was great boarding the speedy boat in Island of Zut. I loved circumnavigating the Island. It was superb.
We got great fishermen in this place. They were so charming and welcoming. It was interesting looking how they do their fishing activities.
It was nice getting the best holiday homes. The homes have excellent view that is exceptional.