Isand of Kurba Mala


Kurba Mala is an uninhabited island in the Kornati archipelago. Its area is less than 0.5 square kilometers. The highest peak is 54 meters high above sea level.

№548 in Islands of Croatia

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very good!!!
This Island is Kornati archipelago. It is a wonderful place to go and hangout with friends I had an amazing time here. I will live to treasure every moment I spent here. It was such a wonderful experience
It was an adventure when we got to island and we enjoyed the sail through the sea with my friends. The views of the sea and the landscape were awesome and we had a good guide and had fun with music on the boat.
We went on sea with my family on our trip to the island and enjoyed the lovely time that we had. The sea was superb and the temperatures too were amazing for a dive and swim at the sea. The dolphins were great to watch and we had an exemplary time.