Island of Sit


The island of Sit is located between the island of Pasman and the island of Zuta. It belongs to the Kornati islands. It is privately owned.

№595 in Islands of Croatia

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(4 reviews)
Being at it this private island was heavenly, the island is quiet and peaceful for a relaxing vacation. The restaurants here offered us with delicious foods and the waiters and the waitress provided fast services and were accommodative and friendly to us. The room that we spent our night at, was clean well lit and ventilated fitted with air fresheners and conditioners.
.This place was best for the passive vacation that I needed. I loved the sight of the mountains. The green slopes and wild flowers were such a sight to behold. I enjoyed my long evening walks to the market for fresh fruits and vegetables. The vendors were friendly and helpful.
I enjoyed the boat ride between the islands close to it, the sea offered a wonderful sight to see. The island itself though private is beautiful to look at in itself, the lush vegetation covering it. In addition to this riding the ocean under the sun in beautiful weather can only be termed as worth the tour.
very good!!!