Island of Pasman


The island of Pashman is located south of Zadar and is one of the largest Croatian islands. The bridge in the Zdrelac passage connects it with the island of Ugljan. There is continuity of life on the island since prehistoric times. In 1190, a naval battle took place near Pasman between Zadar and the Venetians, and the people of Zadar won. The island is rich in Mediterranean vegetation and various species of shellfish and fish in the sea. Here the sea currents change every 6 hours so the sea is extremely clean and the choice of beaches is great. The villages on the island are small, ideal for rest and relaxation. In each village, there are several shops and restaurants. For those looking for an active holiday, there are numerous hiking and biking trails.

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Island of Pasman
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very good!!!
My friends and I had an amazing activ vacation on this Island. The cycling trails were so perfect. The different species of flora was so thrilling. The view of the island from the top was mesmerizing. We enjoyed our stay here.
The people on this Island were really friendly and hospitable. I had a memorable stay on this Island. I was fascinated with its history. It was really so relaxing. I enjoyed eating shellfish from its restaurants. One could also hike up its hill and enjoy the view.
The Mediterranean vegetation at this place made me relax. I enjoyed watching fishermen and I saw the various species of shellfish. I was amazed at how the fishermen caught their fish with ease. I enjoyed this experience.
For my active vacation, I went hiking on the numerous trails at this place. I also rented a bike and enjoyed riding in the woods for fresh air. I left this place feeling light and rejuvenated.
I enjoyed touring and experiencing the different species of shellfish in this location. I learned about their lifespan, their prey, predators, and how they survive in their natural habitat and the experts were quite fluent in explaining the matter.
My husband and I enjoyed going hiking and biking on the different trails in the location. It was a great exercise for me and I loved the fact that I was able to get fit even during vacations. It was a great experience and will visit again.