Island of Pashman


The island of Pashman is located south of Zadar and is one of the largest Croatian islands. The bridge in the Zdrelac passage connects it with the island of Ugljan. There is continuity of life on the island since prehistoric times. In 1190, a naval battle took place near Pasman between Zadar and the Venetians, and the people of Zadar won. The island is rich in Mediterranean vegetation and various species of shellfish and fish in the sea. Here the sea currents change every 6 hours so the sea is extremely clean and the choice of beaches is great. The villages on the island are small, ideal for rest and relaxation. In each village, there are several shops and restaurants. For those looking for an active holiday, there are numerous hiking and biking trails.

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very good!!!
This island has one of the most adorable shoreline. I enjoyed sitting on top of the canyons and admiring the sight of the beautiful clear sea especially the beautiful yachts The sunsets were just therapeutic. I highly recommend.
I always love this magical island. I have visited this place 3 times. What I love the most are the boat excursions to the beautiful Adriatic sea. Its always a stunning view of the sea that leaves me exhilarated.
I and my wife enjoyed visiting this unspoiled island. Its such a beauty. It has nice snorkelling spots where you can watch very beautiful fish. It was an experience to remember.
I had the time of my life in this island. Every morning I would wake up to experience new experiences. The most memorable ones were the bike trips on the beautiful trails. The lush surroundings were a joy to watch.
I and some friends enjoyed going on hikes in this beautiful island. The spots were amazing especially the hills with their fresh air and nice scents. We later enjoyed delicious shrimps and grilled fish at the classy restaurants. It was worth every penny.
The kids loved this island. It was a nice experience swimming in its clear sandy beaches. The weather was nice to bask in and have a relaxing time. its a family friendly place.