Island of Galesnjak


The island of Galesnjak, known to the public as the island of Love, is a small, uninhabited islet located in the Pasman Channel. It gained worldwide popularity in 2008, when it was declared a world natural phenomenon by Google Earth - due to its specific heart shape. Galesnjak is a completely natural island, and has retained this status since ancient times. Namely, on the island you will not find any additional facilities, infrastructure or any ‘human traces’, only low vegetation, warm clear sea and beautiful pebble beaches. As you can guess, the island is a very popular destination for visiting by boat, especially if you are in Zadar or the island of Pasman. Interestingly, it is possible to spend the night (camping) on ​​Galesnjak, but you need to ask permission for this endeavor, since the island is now privately owned.

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Island of Galesnjak
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