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Sarag Beach on Pasman is one of those wild beautiful beaches surrounded only by the sea, Mediterranean vegetation, dry stone walls and rare stone houses along the coast. If you have rented an apartment, room or holiday house on Pasman, you will find Sarag on the outskirts of Nevidane. If you are staying in Nevidane, you can arrive here on foot, but bring everything for a pleasant day by the sea because there are no additional facilities. Sarag Beach on Pašman offers rocky parts, as well as pebble ones with a shallow entrance to the clear sea, so you can come here to enjoy with the little ones who are just learning to stay on the blue surface of the water.

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touring this quiet and beautiful location with my wife was a great bonding experience. I specifically loved the wild nature of this location given the Mediterranean vegetation, dry stone walls, and rare stone houses. It was a great getaway from the busy city.
I rented a place in Nevidane and enjoyed the walk to the beach with my husband during our stay there, this beautiful partly rocky, partly pebbl ebeach has a shallow entrance to the clear sea which is ideal for families with small children. It is ideal for people learning to swim too, you however need to bring everything you need to spend your day here.
This beach definitely gets a five star from me. Exactly the kind of beach that I like. There cafe and Restaurants in the vicinity where you could buy virtually everything that you might need in this beach. there is also a big mall just minutes away.
very good!!!
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