Punta Beach


Punta Beach is a pebble beach located on a small peninsula next to the D-Marin Dalmatia Marina. Along the beach, there are planted trees that provide natural shade. Showers are available. Right next to the beach there is a volleyball court where tournaments are often held that attract a large number of spectators. You can refresh yourself in a nearby café, and try local specialties in the restaurant. For those with an adventurous spirit, a diving club is nearby. After swimming, we suggest a walk around the nearby D-Marin Dalmatia Marina, the largest marina on the Croatian coast.

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public beach



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Obala kraljice Jelene 53, 23205, Bibinje


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The city of Pakostane has this beautiful beach called Punta beach. this is actually the most famous beach in the town. The mayor's office takes it very seriously as a town tourist attraction site. This beach is super clean and well maintained
My visit to this pebbled beach was wonderful, the presence of planted trees that provide natural shade ensuring there is a wonderful place to relax as one enjoyed the sea breeze.There are public showers so feel free to just let loose, and I was lucky to watch one of the volleyball tournaments held here and attract a large number of spectators.Refreshments are available, and the option to dive is a bonus.I would also suggest taking a walk around the largest marina on the Croatian coast when you visit.
This is a nice place to visit with family, this pebble beach has several sandy sections and is easily accessible form the city center of Pakostane. It has various fun activities and rentable recreational equipment such as jet skis,the tall pine trees surrounding it that offer a natural shade from the summer sun. There are cafes and restaurants that offer refreshments, it is usually crowded but still a fun place to visit.
This pebbled beach was a great place to visit. The planted trees give off natural shade ,creating the perfect sitting area.Public showers are available .I was also lucky to watch one of the famous volleyball tournaments that take place here.They attract a large number of spectators.Refreshments are available, dive is also a key feature..I would also suggest walking around the largest marina on the Croatian coast
Having heard that The D Marin Dalmatian Marina is the largest marina in Croatia i definitely had to pay a visit to this place and have a nice walk exploring it, there were so many boats and cruise ships here and so many docking spots. The sandy beaches were also exceptional and the swimming and diving was a great adventure, awesome trip
very good!!!
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