Bibinje Beach


This long narrow stretch of Bibinje’s coastline is made of pebbles and some sand; with the sea level coming in low and making for an easy access, this is an excellent place to visit if you’re on vacation with children. The shallow sea is convenient for snorkeling and playing water ball games (the popular ‘picigin’, for example). Sunbathing here comes with a wonderful view of the open sea, with the sunlight sparkling on the surface of the water, and pink and orange colours of the sky changing at sunset.

This beach is equipped with showers and beach umbrellas, but there is plenty of natural shade available. Jet skiis and paddle boats are available for rent, too. There is a cafe right next to the beach in case you want to go for coffee, as well an ice cream and fast food stands.

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23205, Bibinje


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Literally sunsets here are to die for. My friends and i aligned ourselves for a sunbathe just to enjoy the view of the open sea and the changing colors of the sky at sunset. A sight to behold. The swings by the beach are also a romantc feature for couples
it is one of the beach made of pebbles and some soft sand making it easily accessible. it was the best place I had fun since shallow sea where I joined the locals in swimming. Watching the spectacular sunset and the different colours surrounding it created a beautiful scenery.
We had fun snorkeling and playing games in water on our trip to the sandy and pebble beach. Sunbathing at the beach was therapeutic and we loved the views of the sea and landscape. We went jet skiing and had a visit to the cafe that had delicious meals with showers and beach umbrellas available too.
It is really magical to watch the sunset here. The beach is sandy-pebbly and the sea is shallow for easy access by everyone. You can go snorkeling and playing water ball games here. You can also sunbathe while enjoying the beautiful view of the sea. There is plenty of natural shade but the beach has umbrellas and is equipped with showers. You can rent a paddle boat or jet ski and there is a cafe right at the beach for if you want a drink, ice cream or even fast food.
Sunbathing was of another level as I watched a wonderful view of the open sea. Resting under the natural shade was awesome as I took chocolate ice cream. I had some fun with boat rides as the evening approached
very good!!!
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