Punta Rozica Beach


Punta Rozica Beach is located on the Zadar Riviera in a small tourist-oriented town Bibinje. The beach is pebble with a gentle entrance to the sea and is suitable for families with children and young people. On the beach you will find a small part that is obscured by natural shade, but most of the beach is exposed to the sun all day. Since the beach is located in the center, do not expect privacy, in fact here in the summer can be very crowded. On the beach you will find entertainment for children and young people, such as sports fields and rental of various equipment. The proximity of the center also offers restaurants and coffee bars at your fingertips.

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My vacation here was so enjoyable mostly the weather and the warm sun. I made a lot of new friends here and we had so much fun . I cannot wait to go back next summer.
The beach is usually very overcrowded especially in summer but that’s because of the amount of fun activities that one can experience while there. Kids games such as flying kites and treasure hunts are all there to make them enjoy
Visited there with my family and the first impression was wow! The pebbles at the entrance of the beach are so beautifully arranged and the restaurants had some really nice delicacies to serve anyone’s cravings
very good!!!
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